Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Senior Retreat - Coming Up Soon

We are very excited about the upcoming senior retreat.  Over 50 students have picked up registration sheets. The retreat will take place Nov. 1-4 at Eagle Crest Camp in Washburn.

Some neat facts about the retreat...

-- The retreat is four days in length and nearly 100% led by a group of six seniors.

-- This is the 25th retreat. Over 800 students have attended the retreat over the past twelve years.

-- Ms. Laura Davis, one of the counselors, will be attending as an adult leader.  She was a retreatant on the very first retreat twelve years ago. How cool is that!?!

-- If a student would like to attend but cannot afford the retreat ($90), there are some partial and full scholarships available if the student comes to see one of the counselors.

Please see one of the counselors for a registration sheet.  The sheets are due by this Friday but can be turned in early next week. See any counselor with questions.