Thursday, November 17, 2016

Junior Class Planning Your Future Meeting

The Guidance Department met with the junior class this morning to share with them information about the upcoming year and a half. Students were encouraged to take control of their future by beginning the planning process, if they have not done so already.  Options covered with the students included continuing education, military, and full-time employment.

Included in the meeting this morning...
* a short video produced by the state of Iowa which really does a nice job explaining the whole concept of college and what "college" means. The video will reference the state of Iowa at the end. We played the first 2:30 for the students.
* an Off to College Guide which includes a timeline of things to do during junior year.

To view the slides covered in the presentation, click on the link in the Counseling Presentation section to the right.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Scholarships for Low-Income, High-Performing Students

This website provides links to scholarships available to students who have overcome financial difficulties in their families. These scholarships reward students who have excelled academically,
despite financial hardship.

Scholarship List

Registration Meeting Dates Set

Meetings for next year's class registration are as follows:
  • Dec. 5th - Juniors
  • Dec. 6th - Sophomores 
  • Dec. 7th - Freshmen
All meetings will take place during extended homeroom in the auditorium.

ICC Offers Six Online Courses for HS Students

Illinois Central College has released the list of six classes that they will be offering this spring for current high school students. The classes are college level courses and students will earn college credit. The classes will be 14 week long beginning January 31st.

Any student wishing to take an online class should see their counselor for more info.

The classes being offered are as follows:
ENG 110    Composition I
ENG 111    Composition II
PSY 110     Introduction to Psychology
SOC 110     Introduction to Sociology
HLTH 121    Medical Terminology
BUS 110     Introduction to Business

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Parent Workshop - Depression and Suicide

Last night, the Guidance Department hosted a parent workshop on depression and suicide. We wanted to give all parents and students an opportunity to view the presentation. Although this presentation is an overview of what was discussed, it should provide parents and students with a great starting point when learning more about the topic.

Feel free to contact the Guidance Department with any questions or concerns that you might have.