Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Local Scholarship Applications Released

Seniors met in the auditorium this morning during HR period and were given a list of all the available local scholarships. Click here for presentation. Last year, over 40 scholarships were awarded totaling over $140,000. Although we do not have exact figures for all of this year's scholarships, it is pretty fair to expect an amount very similar to last year.

To view scholarship list, click here. Although parents are welcome to look at the scholarship list, only students can stop in the guidance office to pick up the applications. The exception is the Cusac application which is available as a link on the right. The presentation listed in Scholarship section includes the projected monetary awards. Most of the amounts are accurate but there are adjustments possible.

Note: Many scholarships ask for ACT score. Students can write in their SAT score also.

All scholarships due Friday, March 23rd at 3:30. No late applications will be accepted.