Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A How-to-Guide to Freshman Registration

Planning a schedule for freshman year can be quite an intimidating process. Hopefully this blog post will help students and parents through the process. Registration sheets are due by Tuesday, February 20th to the student's grade school main office. Class selection should also be inputted into TeacherEase before Monday (for those students with access to TeacherEase.)

The front side of the registration sheet is the demographic portion. It is important that it be filled out completely since the information will be entered into the computer system.

Please click below for further instructions...
Each 8th grader attending the visit day at IVC is given a paper copy of the curriculum guide. It lists all of the classes and gives a description of each. 

The back side of the registration is critical in figuring out a schedule for each student.
  • Each student needs to make 14 choices. This has changed from previous years.
  • The classes in the first section are required classes. All students should check those 8 spots. 
  • The second section of electives are full year classes. That is why there are two spots in front of each.  
  • Foreign Language - It is important that students who plan to go on to college take a foreign language. Most colleges require two years of a foreign language.
  • The third section is a listing of classes that only last one semester.  A description of each can be found in the curriculum guide.
  • When completed, students should have 14 check marks in the 3 sections. 
  • Alternate Classes: It is important that students list four alternate classes. In the event that a class is unavailable, the counselors will automatically replace it with an alternate choice.
Parent(s) need to sign completed sheet and have student return it to his or her main office.  The high school will pick up sheets from the grade school offices.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the high school guidance department at 274-5481. You may also email me at

Inputting classes into TeacherEase... (for CEC and Mossvile students)

The students were given an instruction sheet on how to input their course selections into the computer.  This can be done from the student or parent screen.  In the event that the student cannot figure out how to input classes, as long as he or she has returned the teal sheet to the office, everything will be fine. The counselors can always input the classes.

Here is a quick breakdown of registration process...

  1) Select courses on sheet.

  2) Input courses into the computer.

3) Attend Grey Ghost night on February 7th. Teachers can answer all questions about classes. Last chance to make changes.

  4) Turn sheet into your main office by FEBRUARY 20th.

  5) High school will collect sheets from the junior highs.

  6) Counselors will meet with teachers, look at test scores and grades, and decide about English, math, and science placements. We will call home if our recommendation is different than what you want.