Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Helen Jordan Truitt Application and Workshop

The Helen Jordan Truitt Scholarship was established in 1987. Since its inception, the Truitt Foundation has awarded scholarships totaling more than $2 million.  Last year $90,000 was awarded to four IVC students.

Students are invited to apply for a Truitt Scholarship. The criteria for eligibility was established by the Truitt Foundation, not IVC High School.

Invitation to Apply
GPA after 6 semesters - 3.0
7th semester GPA - 3.5

Criteria for judging: Academic excellence, leadership, participation in school and community activities, community service, and good citizenship

Truitt Scholarship Workshop: The student workshop is intended to help the eligible students with the ins and outs of the Truitt Scholarship. We will cover pointers to a great scholarship application. Students planning on applying for a Truitt Scholarship are more than strongly encouraged to attend this meeting.