Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Local Scholarship Dates Announced

Each year, over $140,000 is given out in local scholarships. These scholarships range from $250 to $75,000.  Last year, there were 45 different scholarships awarded to graduating seniors.  With the growing cost of college, every penny helps.

Here is a breakdown of the upcoming dates...

Tuesday, February 20th  - Local Scholarship Meeting - Extended HR

Students will see a presentation on all of the available scholarships. They will also receive a handout which lists each scholarship.  That sheet will be posted on this blog on the 20th for all students and parents to view. Students must be the ones to pick up scholarship applications from Mrs. Placher. Parents may not pick up the applications for the student. Students must pick up their own scholarship applications.

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Thursday, February 22nd - Truitt Scholarship Workshop - 2 :45 p.m. Auditorium

The students who qualify for the Truitt Scholarships will be given the opportunity to attend a 40 minute workshop on how to properly fill out a Truitt Application.  The Truitt Workshop will immediately follow the final bell. Since the criteria for winning a Truitt is very involved, it is definitely to the student's benefit to attend this workshop. Scholarship guidelines will be explained. Tips will be given on how to write essays and much, much more. This is the ONLY opportunity to get the detailed information. Counselors will not cover these topics individually with students. This workshop is an important opportunity for the students.

Friday, March 23rd - DUE DATE FOR ALL LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS - 3:00 Guidance

March 23rd is the deadline for all applications. It is important that students realize that late applications will NOT be accepted under any circumstances. All materials need to be in to Mrs. Placher by 3:00 on Friday. This is a strict deadline.

Wednesday, May 16th - SENIOR HONORS NIGHT - 6:30 Auditorium

Students are honored for their work in and out of the classroom. Awards and scholarships are presented to the students.