Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Parchment - What is it?

Parchment is the electronic transcript site that makes sending transcripts simple. It is completely free for all students currently in high school.  The best part...it takes about 2 minutes to go on the site and request a transcript.  The counselors then click an approve button and the colleges have the transcript. It is the only way that transcripts will be sent to colleges, universities, NCAA, etc.

Reminder to seniors: You must register using the email that was sent to your school email from Parchment. Registration takes about 5-10 minutes but will only need to be done once. After you are registered, ordering transcripts couldn't be simpler.  

Note to Parents: The student must sign up for Parchment using the link to his/her school email address. Any accounts using other email addresses will not work because the account will not be properly linked to our school.  Please encourage the students to set up the account as soon as possible. It is the only way transcripts will be sent.